DUI Laws in Missouri and Kansas Discussed

If you are charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, competent representation by a criminal defense attorney is imperative to minimize the penalties that accompany a DUI charge.

Charged with a DUI?

Being charged with a DUI can affect you in many ways. The most common penalty affects your right to drive but depending on the seriousness of the events surrounding the charge you could get jail time. If you are arrested for DUI, get an attorney immediately.

Common for Every State

In every state it is illegal to operate a vehicle with a blood-alcohol level of .08 or higher and doing so can result in your arrest. Your blood alcohol level is usually determined by a breathalyzer test that is performed upon suspicion of drunk driving.

Although you should always refrain from getting behind the wheel after you have consumed alcohol, you should also be aware of your rights. It is common that once you are pulled over by the police, they will ask if you have been drinking.

Do not admit to consuming any alcohol.

The answer to “have you been drinking tonight?” is always “no”.

We do not want to give the police any probable cause to believe you are impaired. This is important because a court may exclude the results of an improperly administered test, which can ultimately save you from a conviction.

Arrested for a DUI?

What do you do if you are arrested for a DUI in Kansas or Missouri?

Kansas DUI Law on DUI

Kansas requires that you request a driver’s license hearing within 14 days of your arrest.

If you do not make this request in that time frame, your driving privileges will automatically be suspended or revoked.

YOU CAN NOT MISS THIS DEADLINE if you do not want your license to be suspended. It is important to also note that if you request the hearing within 14 days, your license still may be suspended if you were to lose the hearing.

At the hearing, if the judge rules that you are not guilty or if the prosecutor drops the charges, you may get to keep your license.

Missouri DWI Law on DUI

Best KC 2021 Law Firm in Several CategoriesIn Missouri, the charge is “DWI” as opposed to a “DUI”.

DWI means driving while intoxicated. If convicted of a DWI, Missouri automatically suspends or revokes your driving privileges. However, you may be able to request an immediate “restricted driving privilege”.

This will allow you to drive during your suspension with the installation of an ignition interlock device. This device will not allow you to start your vehicle until you blow into the device with an appropriate blood alcohol level.

If your license is suspended, you will be issued a Notice of Suspension/Revocation. You have 15 days from the date you are issued this notice to request a hearing.

If the court grants a hearing, you will be mailed a permit to drive if you are eligible to drive in Missouri. This permit will allow you to drive until 15 days after you receive the decision from the hearing.

Need Help To Get Through a DUI?

The DUI laws of Kansas and the DWI laws of Missouri can be complex. If you are in need of a DUI attorney, request a free consultation with Rico Robinson, an award-winning DUI attorney for Kansas City.

by Suzanne Hale Robinson

Owner and Managing Partner, at Hale Robinson & Robinson.