All About Car Accident Injuries in Missouri and Kansas

A motor vehicle accident can alter your life and the lives of your loved ones drastically.

Whether you are the victim of a car wreck, motorcycle/bike crash, or being hit by a commercial truck driver, Kansas and Missouri both have laws in place that may provide some financial relief. Medical bills resulting from a motor vehicle accident can cripple your financial stability.

What You Need To Consider

You need an experienced personal injury lawyer who has achieved successful results by receiving fair compensation. Contact Hale Robinson & Robinson by calling 816-605-1734 to speak directly to a competent Kansas City personal injury lawyer. When you call, a lawyer will answer.

In most automobile accident cases, an insurance company will have to cut a check. Insurance companies do not like cutting checks on victims and will try to pay out as little as they can. That is where we come in.

The Kansas City car accident lawyers of Hale Robinson & Robinson can prevent insurance companies from taking advantage of you during your lowest moments.

How We Can Help

You can unload all of the problems onto us, and we will take it from there. We will conduct an investigation to determine the cause of the accident and determine the strength of your case. We have experience working with medical experts, eyewitnesses, and insurance adjusters to help you get a fair payment.

There are a number of damages that you are able to recover depending on the specifics of your case. You may receive damages that include not only your physical injuries but also emotional trauma.

The court may also consider the financial losses that you endure as a result of your accident. For example, if your injuries cause you to miss work, you may be compensated for your inability to earn a living.

It is not uncommon for a court to reward damages for claims that include medical expenses, physical pain, suffering, lost wages, etc. After thoroughly reviewing your case, Hale Robinson & Robinson will help you understand just how much your claim is worth.

Know Your Statutes of Limitations for Kansas and Missouri

It is important to keep in mind that Kansas and Missouri both have statutes of limitations for injury claims. If you miss the deadline to file, your case cannot continue, and you may be prohibited from bringing your claim. The statute of limitations for personal injury cases is as follows:


  • Negligence action – 2 years
  • Wrongful death – 2 years


  • Negligence action – 5 years
  • Wrongful death – 3 years

Missouri gives victims more time to bring a personal injury claim.

Consider Seeking Help

Regardless of where your claim arises, it is essential to get the ball rolling as soon as possible to avoid the statute of limitations.

Contact a personal injury lawyer at Hale Robinson & Robinson to jump-start this process.

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by Suzanne Hale Robinson

Owner and Managing Partner, at Hale Robinson & Robinson.