A Message from Best Family Law Attorney Suzanne Hale Robinson

What being “Kansas City’s Best Family Law Attorney” means to me.

When I found out I was nominated to be considered as Kansas City’s best family law attorney, I was surprised. When I found out how easy it was to be nominated, I was not surprised.

But after being nominated, my family, friends, clients, colleagues, and peers continued to take the time to vote for me, and I became a finalist, and then a winner.

I work in a profession where I am very rarely taken seriously because I am a young woman, I guess (being underestimated is never a bad thing). So, I figured being amongst the names I was, I was sure to lose.

However, my support system rallied for me, and I won.

This taught me a few things:

First, have more confidence.

I am a good lawyer. I help a lot of people and I am really good at my job. I have been conditioned to suppress my confidence for the sake of others’ egos. Winning KC’s Best Family Law Attorney is helping me recondition that mindset and allows me to pat myself on the back when I do well and recognize the importance of my accomplishments.

Second, never underestimate community support.

I don’t have thousands of Facebook friends, but I do have a close-knit friend base, all of which I personally know. Those friends reacted to my posts asking for their support and voted to help me win. This reminded me of what a community can do for someone. I didn’t have to spend money advertising, I just had to look to my community. I want to use this platform to build community support for small businesses and anyone else who needs it.

Third, take calculated risks.

The risk Rico and I decided to take was starting a new business. “But during a pandemic??”

This was a calculated decision: you’d be disgusted by the deal we got on rent, and basically everything else. Further, divorces appear to be recession-proof, especially when people are confined to close quarters 24/7 with screaming children.

There is never a great time to quit a good-paying job, but no risk, no reward. As long as you take the time to consider all the consequences and implications of the risk, and it still seems like a good idea, do it.

Finally, and most importantly, to be thankful. Thank you all so very much for supporting Rico and I. Sharing our posts, commenting on your support, sending us love and good intentions, etc., etc.!! We appreciate you all so much and can’t wait to keep making you proud.



by Suzanne Hale Robinson

Owner and Managing Partner, at Hale Robinson & Robinson.