Alexcia Duran

Litigation Paralegal & Office Manager

Alexcia Duran is a native of Kansas City.  She graduated from MCCKC – Penn Valley in 2018 with an associate’s degree in Paralegal Practice.

Alexcia Duran - Litigation Paralegal

Areas of Specialty

Alexcia focuses on the operation and management of HRR.

She helps clients with everything from signing the initial contracts to getting refunds of any retainer balances once their cases are completed.  Do you have a family law, criminal law, or personal injury case and have a general question?

Working With Alexcia Duran

Alexcia is fast-paced and gets things done extremely timely. Getting in touch with Alexcia is always easy and she is always available to help, even if the attorney assigned to your case is in court or busy with another client.

A Note From Alexcia

Being a paralegal is something I take great pride in. I work side by side with attorneys to ensure that our clients get the representation they deserve. I cannot say there is a typical day in my life as a paralegal-every day is different. My day is fast-paced with a lot of multitasking, and then there are times when I deal with numerous emergencies and last-minute assignments, but when all is said and done, it is worth it. The sense of accomplishment and relief is truly satisfying.”  Alexcia Duran

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Contact Alexcia if you have general questions regarding your case, including scheduling or billing.